Ed and Sharon's Restaurant & Catering
N1294 State Road 64 107
Merrill, WI 54452
            Share your holidays with your family or co–workers this year not your kitchen. Ed & Sharon’s Restaurant and Catering would like to offer our catering services for your family or company holiday gatherings. We have been in the restaurant business for 27 years in Merrill and our catering service has been in operation for eight years, serving graduations, weddings, safety meetings, anniversaries and gatherings of up to 900 guests.

            We have two menu options for your choosing.  The deli option where you can pick and choose what you would like or the basic menu option where you just tell us how many people to feed.  Feed your guests for a low cost of $6.25 per person. Food is transported in hot boxes to ensure it stays hot when delivered.  We do not charge for the use of the hot boxes. We do not use nesco roasters we use disposable tin pans that provide easy clean-up and packaging of leftovers.  No tripping electrical breakers and no scrubbing of dirty nesco pans.   

So enjoy your holidays this year by letting Ed and Sharon’s Restaurant & Catering do the cooking for you.  We may not be the biggest and the fanciest but we are the best at what we do.  Call me at 715-536-3429 to book your date.

Thank you,
Bill Dinges

Owner/Chef, Ed & Sharon’s Restaurant & Catering